How to Use InShot Video Editor? (9 Useful Features)

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If you are an Android user or an iPhone user, both are the same functionality on InShot video editor. Just a few differences between using it. In this article, I will tell you about the video editor and how you can edit your video using InShot pro apk. First, click on the video button on the main menu. After that, select any one video on your media gallery. If you want to import another video, you can see the red plus button on the far left so that you can add more clips to the timeline. Once it is exported, you will do the following usable features on your video and start editing.

Trim a clip

crop clip on inshot

If you want to cut a clip, touch on the trim icon where you want to trim your video. It slices the clip into two different clips. After that, delete the other side you don’t want.

Reverse mistakenly attempt on videos

inshot advance

If you accidentally delete the wrong part and want to reverse it as before. On the left side, you will see undo arrow button click on it you will change the mistake that you made the mistake

Crop clip

If you are a youtuber and want to use content from other authors, you must get their permission. This can help you avoid copyright claims or copyright infringement that could be assigned to you through the IT system. This InShot crop tool will help you to cut video into short parts  from original and save them in a new one, so you will not get strikes or copyright claims from YouTube video. Additionally, if you need to crop and compress images for online use, there are many free online image compressor tools available that can help you reduce the file size without sacrificing quality. Many people used this tool on a website like teen patti blue and reducing the image size really helps.


This tool can help to zoom in and out on your videos and pictures. you can zoom in/out of your video and crop however you want.

Video background

You can use it to change the background of your online lecture or YouTube Vlogging video, or to make a creative video for your products. 

Just follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Add the background video.
  • Add green screen video in PIP
  • Using Chroma, remove the background color. 

You can also change your video background to a different color, a gradient, or even a cured emoji.

Transition on your video

Transitions Effect are great for putting multiple video clips together and giving them this special effect for a smoother transition from one video clip to the other. For doing that Just go In the timeline, you will see the white button. Click it to open. You can access quite different fundamental shifts that you can use on your video

Write on your videos

If you want to write text on your video and let other people know what you are saying then this is the best feature for you. For adding text on your video you need to do these step following Step: Choose the clip to which you want to add text. Select the text “tab” on inshot timeline and start adding text. You also change your text’s font size, color, style, and different transition effects.

Add Music on your videos

Click the music button over here you can add tracks fax or even record you own voice.

Add Filter for your video

Select the clip you want to add a filter, and then click the filters icon. There are a few options affect, filter, and adjust; by using effect, you can change the color of your vidmate video using different filter.

Inshot Editing Tutorial

In this Inshot video editor tutorial you can learn most advanced editing tips and trick which will really helpful for you to create professional video. The Complete Guide learn you how to edit your video in INshot Editor and how you Can Improve Your Photo and video Editing Skills

YouTube video


Yes, you can create a blank video and import your video in PIP to use the keyframe to make customizing zoom in and out effect.

First make sure first that you have space in your phone not SD card space. During the video saving process, it will generate many intermediate files, these files will be automatically deleted once the saving process is completed. But for this process, you need to have at least 3 times the video size

Yes, you can use the stickers free in your private video for non-commercial purpose.

Final Words

In this article I will guide you all the very usefull feature which is in the InShot Video Editor. You can use all of giving these feature for free in this Editor. if you have any questions or facing any problem while editing on inshot Video Editor, Asked them any time in the below comment section.

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    1. Yes, InShot app offers custom gradient color options for text frames in its pro version. You can access these options by selecting the text frame, then tapping on the Color icon and selecting the Gradient option. From there, you can adjust the colors to your liking and apply gradients to your text.

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