How to Add Fade In/Out Effect on inshot

How to add fade in/out effect on inshot

In this article, I will explain how to add fade in/out Effect on inshot while editing your video. Adding a fade effect to your video is a great way to give it a professional look and feel. Fade effects can be used to make your video look more polished, or to transitions between scenes.

To start, you want to import a video; For import, click on tap Video, and to choose the clip, tap on the Check mark ✔️ to add the fade effect, click the Effect button on the toolbar.

add fade effect using inshot

These are all available Effects inside in InShot.

add fade in/out effect

Tap on the fade, and the first two effects will be available for choosing in the free version, and the other three require you to upgrade for the InShot premium version, but we prefer the free one, 

fade value in inshot

To add the Effect, check tap on it. You can also adjust the duration for increasing or decreasing the fading value.

Click this bar to change its duration.

fade in out option in inshot

For add fade in/out effect, you can see two little diamonds on your toolbar,

for face in click fade in

But if you want to fade out, click on “Fade out” and check on the mark

How to apply fade Effect in the middle of video

You can add this fades effect in the middle of your video by using the split button. You should click on “Split” in your main menu and check on two places; for example, If you want to split at 1:30 secs, then drag the button and place it at 1:30. After that, you can see two pieces of video are available.

Now select both parts and follow the same method which I have used for a single video.

fade out in inshot

After you have completed each of the overhead steps, the effect will be applied., Play Your video from the beginning fade effect will be spread on your video.

Tutorial For adding fade in/out on Video

This video will show you how to quickly fade in and out your videos using the inshot editor.

YouTube video


You can add your video in PIP and apply Keyframes to zoom it from any specific place you want.

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