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blur effect in inshot

In this article i am tell you step by step how to add blur effect on whole video In order to create a blur effect, InShot Pro APk has a “blur” features. InShot Blur tool is perfect for the time when you want to focus on one specific area of your Video while blurring out the rest. This can be used to draw attention to a specific subject or create a dreamlike or ethereal appearance. For do that, You first need to open the InShot App and then go to video. Select videos that you want to blur.

How to Add Blur Effect

Click on the split option.

how to split in inshot

After clicking on the split, select one of the parts you wish to blur.

Tap on canvas. Drag this screen to the bottom.

drag down this for bluring viceo in inshot

You can now hide the blur part of area in your video by doing this first method. let’s play the video to see which changes come are in it.

blur apply on inshot video

The blur is visible on the whole part of the screen; however, if you don’t want it to appear across the entire video.

Then, go on google and search blur effect and download any one blur image.

search blur effect on google for inshot

Once it’s downloading, let’s go back to the InShot timeline and and Click on the sticker icon.

click on sticker on inshot

The image icon will appear on the right-hand side. To upload the download image from google, click the plus icon.

upload sticker on inshot

Once you add it, you can adjust its duration and minimize or maximize the screen size.

You can also hide the area on the entire screen if you need it.

entire end video bar appply

After setting it, click on Ok ✔️ and play the video again. You can see it; the blur fits the selected part of your video.

hide part on video in inshot


Yes, with the free latest version of InShot Editor you are able to add blur effect on your video.

The answer is no, Quality was not affected while applying blur effect on video but the size of video will be increasing.

Final Lines

My goal in this post is to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to add blur effects to your videos using Inshot’s video editor. if you have any questions about this post or need to know more about InShot editor. Feel free to comment your question in the inner section as well.

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